health specialty practice section

we are social workers in the healthcare profession that address the psychosocial components of health and mental health. examples of areas of service: acute care, clinical work, depression, case management, pediatrics, chronic care, oncology, aging, substance abuse, 世界杯入围名单2022 , administration, rehabilitation and public health issues.

health section committee

  • julia winchester buckey, phd, acsw –lake mary, fl– chair
  • suzanne cross, phd, acsw, lmsw, llc -mount pleasant, mi
  • daniel e. kennedy, mba, mc –san diego, ca
  • jay memmott, phd, msw -overland, ks
  • valire carr copeland, phd, mph, msw –pittsburgh, pa


  • dawn shelton-williams, msw, lcsw –milwaukee, wi

adults in conversation

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