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together we thrive: how social workers and communities rebuild after pandemic (2022)

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this intersections in practice, annual bulletin will look at how social workers are continuing to dealing with mental health, social justice and health issue within the context of the pandemic and how these social workers are simultaneously planning to prepare for the aftermath of covid-19. this publication will also look at how social workers safeguarded themselves against impairment and burnout working in intense environments during the height of the pandemic. it will examine the lessons learned from the pandemic thus far from a social work perspective and how social workers can really gleam best practices to help themselves, others and communities to thrive within a new normal where the influence of the virus has subsided.

participants will gain understanding about:

  • helps social workers better understand and identify the challenges and opportunities that arise working in and preparing for the aftermath of a public health crisis.
  • offers suggestions to advance long-term assistance around vulnerable populations within communities more susceptible to disparities derived from and made worst by the pandemic.
  • examines why diversity, equity and inclusion still matter and will matter in finding effective solutions to combat covid-19 from a socio-economic, health and societal perspective.

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