specialty practice sections faq

nasw offers 11 specialty practice sections to our members: administration/supervision; aging; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; child welfare; children, adolescents and young adults; health; mental health; private practice; school social work; social work and the courts and social and economic justice & peace.

frequently asked questions

why should i join a specialty practice section?

specialty practice sections (sps) provide nasw members with the latest trends, treatment strategies, policies, and information on social work issues. they enable you to stay abreast of what's happening in the profession and to be most effective in doing your job.

there are three sps social work publications:section connection; the award-winning practice-specific newsletterintersections in practice, and;cross sections, for members of all specialty practice sections.

members can earnfreeces through webinars andintersections in practice. section members also gain access to an sps-member-only website, an online community, and distance learning opportunities.

how do i join or rejoin a specialty practice section (sps)?

you canjoin onlineor by calling nasw member services at 800-742-4089, monday-friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. et

how much does it cost to join an sps?

the fee for sps 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 is $40 per year per section.

can i join more than one sps?


can i join a specialty practice section without being a member of nasw?

no. you must be a member of nasw to join a specialty practice section.

whom should i contact with questions or concerns about sections?

emailsections@socialworkers.orgwith questions or concerns about specialty practice sections.

where can i get information about certification?

the nasw credentialing centerprovides benefits for nasw members, including the atod specialty certification, the school social work specialist certification, or the case management specialty practice certification.

where can i find information about the acsw?

the acsw, qcsw and dcsw are all credentials available to nasw members through thenasw credentialing center.

if i join a specialty practice section, will i be able to receive nasw journals free or at a discount?

journals can be purchased separately through nasw press. nasw members receive a 10% discount on books published by nasw press. for more information,visit nasw press.

i have a change of address. whom do i notify?

nasw's 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 services handles all address changes. send your address changes or corrections, along with your name and nasw i.d. number, to世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 @socialworkers.orgor call (800) 742-4089.