nasw celebrations

the 巴西vs塞尔维亚赔率 (nasw) was founded in october 1955. the organization has marked significant milestones with nationwide celebrations and special leadership meetings to assess the social work profession's progress and to plan for the future.

please join us to celebrate the 16th annual nasw social work pioneer program

nasw social work pioneers 16th annual celebration 2022

now, more than ever, the time is right for social work. we need leadership and innovation to keep moving communities forward. our nasw pioneers have made impactful, career-long contributions to the field as innovators and thought leaders. you can help us honor them with adonationto the nasw foundation.


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nasw 65 years

nasw 65th anniversary

since its inception in 1955, nasw has been a fierce advocate for social workers, social justice and social welfare.

2020 in silhouette with person in cap and gown

nasw honors 2020 graduates

nasw honors 2020 social work graduates who have not been able to enjoy a traditional ceremony due to covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

nasw 60 years

nasw 60th anniversary

nasw held a daylong leadership forum in 2015 to culminate the association's 60th anniversary and to induct new nasw social work pioneers®.

2010 social work congress

the purpose of the 2010 social work congress was to examine the internal challenges facing the social work profession, with a special focus on transferring leadership from established leaders to emerging leaders.

nasw 50th anniversary & 2005 social work congress

in march 2005, nasw convened 400 social work leaders to develop action imperatives to forge a unified direction for the profession.

social work centennial

in 1998, nasw led a national celebration to honor 100 years of social work accomplishment and service in the united states.