racial equity

people protesting with signs: black lives matter, white supremacy is the virus. photo credit: chris budnick, nasw-nc member

nasw is committed to ending racism through public education, social justice 世界杯入围名单2022 and professional training. our members understand cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice. 

these resources can assist all social workers in their anti-racist efforts.


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nasw is working to achieve racial equity in the social work profession and society. share your thoughts about these efforts and your own anti-racist journey.

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undoing racism through social work: nasw report to the profession on racial justice priorities and action

as our nation turns more attention to addressing its long history of systemic racism, nasw acknowledges that our profession has not always lived up to its mission of pursuing social justice for all. we apologize for supporting policies and activities that harm people of color, and we will strengthen our efforts to end racism in the social work profession and in society.

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