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aclu of ohio and democracy forward file federal lawsuit challenging lebanon’s anti-abortion ordinance

nasw news release

may 11, 2022

the aclu of ohio and democracy forward filed a federal complaint challenging an anti-abortion ordinance adopted by lebanon city council on may 25, 2021. the suit was filed in the u.s. district court for the southern district of ohio on behalf of the nasw's ohio chapter and women have options ohio.


the roe act and the path forward for our nation: hyperlocal organizing starting now

rebekah gewirtz, mpa | social work blog

may 06, 2022

after supreme court chief justice john roberts confirmed that a leaked draft of the united states supreme court’s ruling in the mississippi abortion case was authentic, i began doom scrolling to the point of anger and despair.

only by the third day after the leak could i begin to think more clearly. i fell back on advice from my mother that i continually put to work at nasw-ma: don’t get angry, get organized.


reproductive rights are human rights

may 04, 2022

as the u.s. supreme court considers revoking roe v. wade, and various states enact laws to restrict reproductive rights, nasw is gathering resources to keep social workers up to date on reproductive rights issues.


improving health care: social workers pursue innovative paths

social work advocates magazine

apr 20, 2022

social workers are finding increasingly important and innovative roles to advance health care through holistic, integrated and preventive approaches.


celebrating the affordable care act: 12 years of advancing health equity for all americans

u.s. department of health and human services

mar 18, 2022

since its enactment on march 23, 2010, the affordable care act has led to an historic advancement of health equity in the united states. this landmark law improved the health of all americans, including women and families, kids, older adults, people with disabilities, lgbtqi+ and communities of color. thanks to the aca, millions more americans have gained health coverage without limits, and protections are in place for people with preexisting conditions. the u.s. department of health and human services has released a fact sheet highlighting some of the accomplishments of the aca.


the affordable care act and its accomplishments- briefing book

u.s. department of health and human services

mar 18, 2022

this briefing book features key findings from two dozen reports published in 2021-2022 regarding the affordable care act. the briefing book summarizes key findings in health coverage and uninsured rates, marketplace coverage, medicaid, preventive care and populations of interest.


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