coronavirus (covid-19)

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social workers, like many health and behavioral health professionals, are concerned about the impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) on their well-being, the people to whom they provide services, their families, and others in the community.

nasw has been working on multiple fronts to prevent the spread of covid-19 and ensure access to services, such as teletherapy. social workers are in a unique position to promote disease prevention efforts (including disseminating accurate information from trusted sources), and to help address anxiety and other concerns that are arising as a result of this public health crisis.

below are resources to support social workers in this role. as this situation continues to rapidly evolve, nasw will continue to monitor developments and work to protect social workers and the clients we serve.

nasw webinars

supporting and advocating for nursing home residents, family caregivers, and social workers during covid-19

covid-19 has exacerbated challenges faced by nursing home residents, social work staff, and family caregivers. learn about those challenges and discover strategies and resources to enhance resilience, as well as information about national-level 世界杯入围名单2022 to mitigate the effects of covid-19 on nursing home residents, social work staff, and family caregivers. this webinar, worth 1 aging and long-term care credit hour, is offered in collaboration with the national consumer voice for quality long-term care.

covid-19 vaccine deployment

this february 2021 webinar, "do we have lines in this play? the role of social work in the deployment of the covid-19 vaccine," was offered by nasw's maryland chapter.

covid-19: ethical, legal and clinical considerations for social workers

this april 2020 call-in question and answer session was designed to provide key guidance on telehealth from a legal, clinical, administrative and ethical perspectives; offer an open forum for social workers to ask questions about the implications of covid-19 on their practice, and; connect social workers to legal, telehealth, clinical, and ethical resources to support their practice during the covid-19 pandemic.

telebehavioral health and your clinical practice since covid-19

this workshop explores the rulings and guidelines since the public health emergency was declared in january 2020 that affects the provision of clinical services via telehealth. we discuss the new rules and waivers with medicare and medicaid, offer a quick-start guide to establishing a telehealth practice, and more.

key developments in medicare telehealth options during covid-19

this pre-recorded webinar provides an update on guidance from the centers for medicare and medicaid services (cms) on enhanced telehealth (including teletherapy) options for medicare beneficiaries during the current covid-19 public health emergency.

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connect to end covid-19, overlapping speech bubbles, social workers support informed vaccine decision-making

join nasw’s national connect to end covid-19 effort, a cdc-funded initiative to support social workers and their clients in informed vaccine decision-making. complimentary webinars and ceus available.

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order free at-home testing kits

the biden administration has launched a website to accept orders from people living in the united states for free, rapid antigen test kits. 

visit to order kits

learn more about get test kit educational resources and download a customizable letter from boston university school of social work in collaboration with the national association of community health workers.